Advanced Draft Benefit Sharing Plan

5 February 2024

The Directorate General of Climate Change in collaboration with the World Bank and the Jambi Provincial Government is developing REDD+ activities with the Result Based Payment scheme through the Bio Carbon Fund Integrated Sustainable Forest Landscape (BioCF ISFL). This activity is supported by multilateral funding, which is managed by the World Bank as trustee.  The program aims to promote reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector, reduced deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries, sustainable agriculture, and better land use planning, policies and practices through REDD+ activities. BioCF ISFL activities consist of several phases, namely the preparation phase (2019 - December 2020), the pre investment phase (2020 - 2025) and the results based payment phase. 

Currently the project is in the preparation period, one of the outputs of this preparation is the completion of the Emission Reduction Program Document (ERPD).  In order to fulfill the completeness of the ERPD and the preparation of the RBP phase, several efforts are needed, including the preparation of the Benefit Sharing Plan (BSP) document.

Currently, the BSP document has entered the advanced draft stage which will be finalized after the MAR calculation is completed and ERPA negotiations are carried out. The BSP advanced draft document can be downloaded here: 

  1. Executive Summary_BSM BioCF_Bahasa.pdf 
  2. Executive Summary_BSM BioCF_English.pdf
  3. 2023.12_Indonesia Advanced Draft BSP.pdf